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IMTC Forum, meeting place for experts in video communication and collaboration, is doing this year a virtual conference, as a part of its years long commitment to bring the best thought leaders and technology experts together.  The event, called 2025, Technology, Standards, Work, Life, will discuss the ways video technology and collaboration will change the way we work an live in the year 2025. We expect thought leaders from different industries to share their views on these amazing topic and help us all retool our business and life for the future.

We also decided to do our whole planning process as transparent as possible, empowering the community by sharing our thoughts , decisions, vendors that we’ve reviewed and  lessons we’ve learned.

But, as always, we need the technology to support this event. This is what we are looking for:

  1. Ability to have up to 4 video streams (moderator + 3 speakers), with minimum video requirement of a webcam
  2. Ability to show slides per presenter
  3. Ability to mix video feeds  (meaning, one video player only, but the feed is switched between speakers’ feeds)
  4. Authenticated Chat section per session (including Facebook connect and Twitter API)
  5. Display Official and hash tag Twitter stream in the sidebar
  6. Ability to record all sessions and chats for re-runs and VOD access
  7. Simple to use registration page for participants

Are we missing anything? Let us know. Also, we don’t necessarily need one product with all features – mesh-ups are acceptable.

As a non profit organization we have a shoestring budget – but the event will expose technologies to the right audience – and what is better than seeing a technology in action?

Beyond these requirements, we will ask each vendor to write a short post about the value of virtual events, the way that technology is changing business, and their view on the needs of the industry. We will add our own commentary on each post, as well as write about our decision making process regarding this solution.

Interested? Email us at kfir AT pravdam DOT com with 2025 in the subject line.
Please send us your proposals by September 15th.