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Twitter announced that it will stop 3rd party apps from injecting ads to users streams without its permission. The reason is simple – they are going to launch a new ads products that, well, injects ads to user streams ( that’s the idea behind promoted twits).
And immediately the blogsphere starts with it’s almost knee jerking response: they are alienating developers! How can they do these? Another post describes the tearful eyes of a developer whose company is ruined by this move.
Come on guys, let’s stop the bs. Twitter is a company. With board of directors. And investors. And bills to pay. And this company managed to accidentally create an amazing service. So they need to pay the bills. Simple. Easy. They could improve the way they interact with developers, but nothing more.
Let’s grow up. Social platforms change the world. And should make money for their owners.
The dumbest thing ever is to base a business model and a company entirely on someone ELSE’s platform.
Enough said.