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I’ve met Jim Long at VON in San Jose back in March, and really enjoyed talking with him.

He has a unique angle on the industry, as he works for the big guys while building his own act.

I’ve just came across his insightful post about the new breed of media creators:

“To create opportunity, I believe you have to think beyond the limits of the traditionally defined media roles of cameraman, producer, or talent. I think the emergence of the micro media mogul is emblematic of this shift, a shift that is blurring, if not erasing the line where media jobs fall above (executive and management) or below (crew and production staff). So as media workers begin to chart a new course in these re-defined roles, they are faced with a number of questions. Not the least of which is how much entrepreneurial fire do they have in their belly. Are you as passionate about the art of the deal as you are about the art of your media? Or do you prefer the comfort of steady paycheck?”

Jim took a shot at one of the most exciting things in the industry today. If you want to be a player in this new arena, you have to be able to think creatively, identify good content, have hands on approach to the production process, understand new technologies that affect your content distribution, think about advertisers when defining the content itself, use social media tools to promote it, have a business understanding in order not be ripped off, and, of course, have a lot of courage and drive to do it all in bootstrapping mode.

Challenging isn’t it? Well, otherwise it wasn’t any fun!

The only thing I didn’t like in Jim’s post is the name. We are not micro media moguls.We are the media entrepreneurs, building a new segment in the industry, that is disrupted by technology. As such, it creates opportunities for new players to capture a part of the market, because of the ability to create good content on the cheap and distribute it.

Yes, most of the shows we see today won’t survive, and some will be acquired. But some will grow, expand their brand, and become a market player.

I hope that we will see more and more of those, instead of reading about shows that are bought by the big guys.

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