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Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Apple released yesterday a new version of its music management iTunes. The application, that syncs apps, music and videos from your computer and iTunes store, got many new features, including Genius Mix (automatic playlist creation based on your music library), iPhone app management and more. And for the first time, Apple added a social networking feature to its core media management application – the ability to share your media on Facebook and Twitter.
And they completely blew it.
Social sharing should be an easy, one click, intuitive, almost impulsive act. That’s why sharing buttons should be conveniently located at key areas of a page or application.
But Apple decided to do things differently. They hid the sharing feature so well, that I had to go to YouTube to find a tutorial. And this is a Mac application for crying out loud.

But that was the good part:

You can’t share the song you are listening to.
You can’t share Genius Mixes
You can’t share songs you’ve purchased in iTunes store
The only thing you can do is, when you are in iTunes Store, share items that are on sales. And you need eyeglasses to see the small arrow that allows you to do so.

In one word – Lame.

In a whole sentence:
We all know that the guys at Apple don’t play nice. Maybe they shouldn’t try to be social.