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Sun Photo Leads to Lost Insurance
Image by topgold via Flickr

Here we go again. Last week the echo chamber was rattled with a story of a woman who lost her insurance due to pictures she shared on Facebook. Apperantly she was supposed to be depressed but had pictures of her and friends in a bar. I personally know some pretty depressing bars, but the insurance company thought otherwise.
Which, as usual, caused a lot of commotion  in the blogosphere. Again we saw those funny posts about how Facebook changes everything.
This is another case in a string of stories about people losing their jobs due Facebook. Do you remember that banker who told his boss he is going to a family event  and shared pics of himself dressed as a woman in a party?

Guys, it is not Facebook.

It is something far more complex.

Something genrations are trying to solve without success.

Something goverments, indepepndent research centers, companies, and individuals are trying to understand.

Something far more sinister.

Far more dangerous.

Human stupidity.

Yes. That’s it. Some people just don’t think. So they do stupid things. Like calling in sick and going to a party, and uploading their pictures to a web site.

Blaming Facebook in these cases is like blaming the invention of video for the Rob Lowe sex tape. Like blaming tanks for world war II. Like blaming the invention of film for the release of the movie Gamer.

Guys, some people are just stupid. Social networks just help them to reach more people.