Data Shows: Twitter + TV = Explosive Combination

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Twitter is, by far, the most engaging online platform today, and represent a huge opportunity for traditional media and brands – read on to see the numbers.

In the last couple of months, Pravda Media was working with Israel’s biggest TV News Company, Channel 2 News, on integrating Twitter in their ongoing operation.
We looked at twitter in two ways:
1. Distribution Channel – Channel 2 News website is populated with video news section, both pre-recorded and and live. We wanted to use Twitter to drive more traffic to the site and increase video viewership.
2. Interaction Channel – We chose one TV show, called Meet The Press, and interacted with the audience via Twitter. Viewers were asked to send questions to the host before the live broadcast of the show, and twits were displayed on TV screen during the live show.

Twitter, though still a small network in Israel, proven to be the most engaging online platform today, with highest click through rates , and responses from TV audience


3 Free Tickets to TWS2009 [UPDATE]

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I am excited being a judge and participant in TWS2009, as well as interviewing Dave Sifry on stage. If you are excited from this event too, I have 3 free tickets to give my blog readers. Please RT this post and leave a comment if you are interested. Young entrepreneurs and students are especially welcome.The winners will be announced tomorrow morning CET, so hurry 🙂

Even if you don’t get a free ticket, you can apply for 40% discount  tickets  here:
Since there are only limited amount of such tickets, make sure you don’t miss that opportunity.
Here is some more information about the event: More

3 Web Shows to Watch

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Black Dawn

An apocalyptic end of the world series by Webserials.

Why watch it? Nice special effects, and refreshing theme for a web show

Why not? actors are not as good as the special effects


Taking a note from Scoresese masterpiece, FilmFellas is trying to capture the indie movie makers spirit. More

Selling your designs online – Sense of Fashion

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hp270991602Creating an appealing social shopping experience is a challenge, and trying to do so with non geeky goods (read not gadgets) is even a bigger challenge. Sense of Fashion, a new Israeli startup is trying to do exactly that.

Luckily, it has a great team, including Daria Shualy, Yael Givon, and Yariv Habut, all are friends and experienced media and tech folks. I had a chance to chat with them a bit:

1. What’s sense of fashion?
Sense of Fashion is home to all indie fashion lovers: fashionistas, designers, fans, fashion students, street fashion bloggers, photographers, anyone who expresses themselves through fashion. It’s a real live place, where all these people can interact in a genuine way, influence, get inspired, sell and shop. More

TWS 2009 – Join the Competition!

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Like last year, I am a judge at TWS 2009, Israel’s web start ups competition. Among the judges are Brian Solis, Meir Brand (CEO of Google Israel), Deb Schultz, Ayelet Noff , Jeff Pulver, and others.
Submit your startup by the 24th of June (yes! in two days!).

The event is taking place on the 13th of July.

See you all there!

Open Letter to Steve Jobs – Don't Forget The Pro Users

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Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I was happy to hear that soon you’ll be back at the helm of the most inspiring company in the market today. We are all looking forward to your next keynote.

However, I have a request for you – please don’t forget your Pro users. And no, I am not talking about Final Cut Studio 3.

I have a Mac for couple of years, and I’ve become one of the most active Mac ambassadors in Israel. I have a video podcast called Mac Anonymous, the first Hebrew video podcast about Mac. I’ve written several blogs about Mac and the transition from PC, and convinced many of my friends to buy one, even though they cost so much in Israel.

When asked what do I like Mac so much, I would say two things:

1. I see my laptop more than anything else during the day, so it better be beautiful.

2. With a Mac, the gap between vision and reality is a single click, with Final Studio and iLife.

However, I am afraid that Apple’s latest announcements are changing my second statement. More

Talking with Al Gore in My PJ

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Al gore giving his global warming talk in Moun...
Image via Wikipedia

I was sick last week, and that’s why I didn’t post anything lately. Now I am back to work, and this blog will be updated as usual.

Digitas produced a great event called Digital Content Newfront couple of weeks ago, as a part of NYC Internet Week.

And I was an active participant, even though I was thousands of miles away.

The event covered brand marketing strategies, and was keynoted by Al Gore, who discussed Viewers Generated Ads, a strategy that let viewers create ads for brands. Mr. Gore talked extensively about the need for authenticity in brand marketing, a tricky topic for cigarettes and oil companies.
I was interested to hear Al Gore’s take on that – so with a simple twit, I’ve sent a question to the conference, from my living room in Israel. My friend Jon Burg who was moderating incoming twitter questions, asked the question at the event – and Gore responded simply by saying that they don’t work with such companies. I was a part of the whole thing as I watched the live video feed from NYC.
The amazing part of the story is not that I was able to see a video stream of a remote event and ask a question. This was done before with ustream and The important point here is that these technologies are now mature enough:

  • The video feed was crisp and almost without any buffering. From urls of the event I believe it is the work of Bitgravity, an affordable HD CDN.
  • The room was covered with multiple cameras using Tricaster , a low cost video mixer.
  • And Twitter was pretty stable.

So I was in my PJ, at home, talked with one of the brightest minds, Al Gore, all thanks to usable, affordable technologies.

The Physical walls are falling. The only barrier for communication is willingness.

HP Gabble – Private video Sharing

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Image representing Hewlett-Packard as depicted...
Image via CrunchBase

HP Recently released a new service called Gabble, a private video sharing site. The service is very simple – users can create groups and directly record and share videos with their friends and co-workers. The interface is slick and straight forward, and works well.
The need for cloud based video service with advanced privacy settings is clear – companies, consultants, and family members can use it for business communication, training, and share their private family videos. Also, media companies can use such a product to interact with their viewers, and integrating UGC in their content in a controlled environment.

This is also the announced direction of Seesmic, as Loic Le Meur stated in an interview I did with him back in January.
Though the need is clear, it is not clear whether HP have what’s needed to make this platform succesful. It is almost an industry secret, not being pushed through HP’s PR and ads.
Also, the execution is less than great, as in most of my tests I’ve encountered video and invitation issues (the two key parts of the platform…)
It is yet to be seen when we will have a platform that answers the need for private video sharing with social elements. Currently, HP Gubble is definitely not the answer.

Morning Digest

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Image representing hulu as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

How wrong can a YouTube competition get becomes more social

How can I share video on Twitter?

Concrete news about Hulu‘s international expansion

A Look At Japanese Media Market

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Japan was always a mystery for me. Its culture and industry is so different from the American and European  markets that I am well versed in. That’s why I spent some time talking with a friend who knows a thing or two about the Japaneese media market, Levi Shapiro. Levi worked in several Japaneese and media companies, so he knows the market pretty well.

Levi, what is your experience in the Japanese market?

I spent 6 years in Tokyo working in the Overseas Marketing Division of Toyota Motor Corporation. In addition, I have helped a variety of Western digital media and mobile companies with Japan market-entry. My consulting firm, TMT Partners, has an affiliate in Tokyo.

What makes the Japanese media so different from the US? and from Europe?

Japan is a highly concentrated market. For example, DoCoMo controls 50% of the mobile market, Dentsu handles more than one quarter of the $34 billion spent on advertising per year, and Yahoo Japan owns more than 60% of its sector. The limited fragmentation means that the best path to market is often collaboration with a local partners. For example, one of the reasons Yahoo Japan has such a dominant position in Japan (#1 portal, #1 in search and #1 in auctions) is their joint venture partnership with Softbank.