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Our Ultimate Summer Reading List

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Summer is a great time to disconnect, slow down, and find some time to read all those books that we put on our list over the past year.

I asked my team what books everyone should read at least once in their life and below are recommendations by some of the PMG team. They’ve recommended books ranging from history to technology, autobiography to sports, and even a touch of self-help with a healthy dose of our favorite classics. All are thought-provoking, and we hope they motivate you to action and a healthy life balance. More

It’s Official! PMG Partners with Silverpop, an IBM Company

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IBM logo

We have some exciting news that we’ve been keeping up our sleeves. It wasn’t long ago when we announced a new partnership with Act-On marketing automation, in order to support the growing SMB and enterprise accounts that make up our global B2B client base in Israel. Today, we’re thrilled to add to our marketing automation mix by becoming official partners with Silverpop, an IBM company. More

PMG Partners with Act-On to Bring Marketing Automation to Israel

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PR image

In the 1980s and 90s, not long after the advent of fax and email made their way into the business world, everyone asked themselves how they were able to live without these work tools. In 2015, we ask ourselves the same question but in place of email or fax, it’s marketing automation. More

All Enroll! How We Created The PMG University

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PMG University

A few months ago, I stepped into our CEO’s office with an idea that had been floating around in my head for a few days. The premise was simple: What if we could build a simple framework to share all of the knowledge and expertise we’re accumulating as digital marketers? Wouldn’t Pravda Media Group be a better place if everyone could freely and openly share their insights?


New Year’s Resolutions from the PMG Team

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A new year is upon us, and we at Pravda Media Group are thinking about how we can improve professionally and personally in the new year. More

3 Tips to Successfully Run a B2B Branding Process

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Company Messaging image 6

Think you know your company? Think again.

It’s always interesting when a company asks itself who they are and where are they going. It’s even more interesting when it happens at the company where you actually work. More

Twitter Analytics vs TweetReach

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Yarin Hochman is Pravda Media Group’s analyst. His primary job is to gather, assess, and crunch data and somehow make sense of the numerical side of social media.

Last week Twitter introduced Organic Tweet Analytics, which allows publishers to measure how their organic (i.e not sponsored) tweets are performing.

Here at Pravda Media Group, measurement is a significant part of our working process used to make smarter, more informed marketing decisions. But what are the differences between TweetReach and the just released Organic Tweet Analytics? They sound pretty similar to me.  More

Information Addicts Anonymous

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Our CEO is…well…special. He always sends us articles that he’s reading at all hours of the day and night, whether it’s about the latest digital marketing trends, Facebook’s recent update (again), a cool iPad app he found that’s going to make our lives easier and more productive, a podcast about typography (seriously), or even a cool new design site. We don’t know how he consumes so much information – or even if he sleeps! – but we’re happy he does. He’s like our own personal feedly with only the saved content, and we’re happy to make him yours too.

Kfir Screens

We’re going to send out a bi-weekly email with what we think are some of the most useful, informative, and interesting links we’ve found, so that you can sleep at night while Kfir isn’t. We hope you’ll sign up by filling out the form below. And if you have any links you’d like to share with us, feel free to tweet us at @PravdaMG.

The Ever Changing Role of a Company Website

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A lot has changed since our first site went live back in 2007. First, the site hosted my personal-turned-professional-turned-company blog. Then, after recruiting our first employee, we wanted something online as soon as possible, so we put together a site using a mixture of quotes. It was terrible. We subsequently created another site offering more information about clients and our team.

In every phase, – it was a tough, long process, with endless meetings and reviews. It took us so much effort back then, that I have to admit that at some stage I almost gave up on changing the site to support our services.

The Internet has undergone dramatic changes since those early years. When we started, real-time web was a geeky term, and Twitter was used only by a small group of online media enthusiasts. Now it fuels revolutions. The amount of content available online is growing at an exponential rate, along with its discoverability. The number of platforms individuals are using today to communicate is also increasing; forcing companies to have a presence in multiple sites and networks. A company’s site, once the most important point of contact with actual and prospective clients, has suddenly become only one of many channels for interacting with target audiences.

Both we and our clients found ourselves in a challenging situation, managing multiple touch points. We needed to be able to respond quickly and to evolve in response to changes both in market demands and in a company’s products and services. Suddenly, the six-month-website-planning-until-launch process didn’t make sense to us. We couldn’t afford it. We needed to become lightweight in order to respond quickly to market needs and to be able to refine our offering based on market feedback in minimum time.

There’s a fashionable term for that: lean. More

What Happens When A Company Loses Credibility?

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WAZE, a social navigation application for your Smartphone is one of Israel’s favorite apps for navigation on-the-go. With user-generated reports, this app helps drivers avoid traffic jams and find more durable roads. And it worked well – with almost no hitches. But then on Valentine’s Day 2012, the company upgraded the Software. While the upgrade should have been seamless, it had several bugs and users soon found themselves directed straight into traffic jams, or off-course by several kilometers. (Imagine you want to take your sweetheart out for a romantic dinner at a new restaurant, and you end up at the cement factory in Ramle instead.)

Anyway, in a recent interview with The Marker, Kfir Pravda, the CEO of Pravda Media Group, explains the implications of this loss of credibility for WAZE : “The greatest challenge for WAZE is to regain the users’ trust. If the problem is localized and the company apologizes and explains, this will ameliorate things. But if malfunctions repeat – that’s another story.”

This is an important lesson for companies everywhere. Mistakes happen. Period. And owning a previous error — accepting responsibility, and taking measures to ensure that these mistakes don’t happen again — is a true sign of leadership.

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