Let's Settle the uStrem vs. Seesmic Thingie and Stop Bitching About Loic

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Loic Le Meur

LeWeb, the European web conference that took place this week is under fire by bloggers and newspapers alike. I didn’t attend the event, but watched part of it online. While some of the reporters covering the event wrote hilarious columns others were attacking its video strategy. Allen Stern, from CenterNetworks wrote:

My beef is that Loic selected Ustream to run live coverage of the conference. There is absolutely no reason that this conference needed to be broadcast live. First, if I paid $2,000 to attend, I’d be pissed that my sister could sit at home and watch it for free. More

LeWeb coverage

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LeWeb, the European web 2.0 main event is taking place today and tomorrow in Paris. If you are not attending, you could still be a part of the event through ustream. Here is the main stage:

You can find all  Twitter chatter here, the program here, and below is the startup competition stage stream:
Live video chat by Ustream

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Short Announcement – PPI is Postponed

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Final Cut Pro

Post Production Israel, the professional event for Final Cut and Avid editors, is postponed to Fall 2009. However, the local Pro market is going to change soon… Stay tuned for more information.

Limited time offer – Special Prices on Post Production Israel

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Post Production Israel, the number one event for editors and motion graphics artists in Israel, is taking place on the 17th and 18th of December this year. There is a limited time offer of discount tickets, priced at 880 NIS. For more details, see this post. I am going to be there – come and say Hi.

Joe Burton, Cisco CTO UC – We Need Plug and Play Multimedia Standards. Now

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Joe Burton, CTO of unified communication group in Cisco, gave a keynote in IMTC Forum in San Francisco.

In an industry overview, Joe said they are tracing 300 (!) changes that will affect UC industry. The industry is concerned with economical situation, industry consolidation, etc.

In the presentation the following trends were reviewed:

– Technology is all about business – No one cares about installing HD video. People care how HD video solve the issues in the business itself

– The value chain is empowered – Joe has his own Mac and iPhone even though they are not purchased nor approved by Cisco IT. Partners are involved in the systems the company is using. Customers want a hook into the corporate system, and the business leaders require IT transformation while driving down costs.

– In web 2.0 corporate every user has its own applications. Joe has a Netvibes-like portal where different applications, including sales figures, IM, Twitter and news. The enterprise UC will be a widgetized world. Video can be a part of this world.

– Enterprise Telephony is $10B market, while UC is $30B – a whole new Cisco.

– Consumers drive the IT – not the other way around. It changes the way that products are sold. Also video becomes core – as it is a part of the basic system

– Video is the fuel for internet traffic increase – by 2013 video will overtake P2P in traffic.

– Video as is is $50B business in 2013.

– The workspace is getting more and more complicated with the amount of applications each user can do create for his/her own benefit.

The main takeaways:

There are no shrink wrapped applications – everything is tailor made.

There are no single media application

There is no single application deployment

The need for plug and play multimedia standards never been higher

The presentation:
Joe Burton’s Presentation at IMTC Forum

Get your own at Scribd or explore others: Technology

The fact the Joe is using Twitter and other social applications, shows how advanced Cisco is when it comes to understanding the link between social media and communication. I am looking forward to see how these applications will affect Cisco’s product line.

Videos from Social Media Jungle

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Social Media Jungle took place at Jeff Pulver’s office on the 13th of November.

Here is Chris Brogan‘s presentation from the event:

Additional videos could be found here.

On My Way to San Francisco

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Cable Car in San Francisco - double-ended car ...

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I am flying tonight to IMTC Forum, taking place in San Francisco on the 12th and 13th of November. More info about the event can be found here. I will moderate three panels, one about click to call and business processes, one about social networks and the enterprise, and one about online collaboration and the enterprise.

See you all soon!


New Blog Design – Come and See

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We’ve just finished a major redesign of this blog, and I hope you like it. The main changes are:

1. You can enjoy the amazing logo done by one of my favorite web designer ever, and the design is much cleaner than the cluttered blog before.

2. You can leave video comments, using Seesmic plugin

3. We’ve reduced the categories to minimum amount so you could easily find what you are looking for.

4. We’ve opened an Amazon store with all the equipment and books I am using for video shows productions, as well some of my favorite films.

5. You will see more and more embedded video players in posts.

6. There is a video player on the top right where you will be able to easily find new videos of this site.

Hope you like it!


Unified communication, Enterprise, Collaboration and Social Networks

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200810141607.jpgREMINDER: IMTC is having its annual event on the 12th and 13th of November. The event is focused on unified communication and the way it supports business processes in the enterprise, as well as the blurring lines between corporate systems and online applications.

We have great speakers at the event – starting with Joe Burton, CTO of unified communication group in Cisco, Matt Collier, SVP of LifeSize communications, Ty Wang, Senior director of Product Marketing at Oracle, Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho, Hakon Dahla, CTO of Tandberg, and Anatoli Levine, Director of Product Management, US, at Radvision, and IMTC President. The event covers both cutting edge technologies (such as the world beyond H264, Scalable video coding today, and conformance methodologies) as well as business issues such as unified communication beyond click to call, social networks and the enterprise, Multimedia and tele-health and many more.

It is an exciting event, taking place in an exciting location – St. Regis hotel in San Francisco. I am moderating several panels in the first day, and will be there through the event.

If you are in this business, or want to meet in San Francisco, you should come and say Hi. Here is the agenda, and you can register here.

Rosh Pina Festival is Just Around the Corner

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Rosh Pina Festival is taking place in 3 days, and the program is full of media and technology insights:

– The role of Telecom companies in the world of media will be presented by Gary Shainberg, VP Global Technology and Innovation in British Telecom, as well as in a panel focused on mobile content with speakers from H3G.

– Living room technologies, that are changing the viewership experience will be presented by Yossi Tsuria, CTO of NDS and others.

– Microsoft will present its online strategy, advertisement position and multi-platform content products, with high ranking speakers such as John Mangelaars, Regional VP, Consumer and Online, EMEA, and Moshe Lichtman, Corporate VP and President of Israeli R&D center

– Independent internet TV angle is covered in a panel I am moderating, with Mike Hudack, CEO of and Robert Millis from Political Lunch.

– ESPN and Axel Springer are discussing the ways they are fighting for viewers’ attention.

– Israeli Broadcasters are discussing their Internet starategies

– Blockbuster, Microsoft, Hot and Yes are debating who will control the living room of the future. 

And many more. For full program, check out

Readers of my blog are receiving a special price – please use the code taya8 while registering.