Congrats Babylon!

Congrats Babylon!
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Babylon, a client of Pravda Media Group, won a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® certificate for the Most downloads of a translation software. This was achieved thanks to over 100 million users of Babylon translation software worldwide.
Our very own Tzahi filmed this interview with Alon Carmeli, Babylon’s CEO, and Rob Molloy, from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®, interviewed by Aya Shapir.


New Media Roadshow to NY – Last Chance to Apply (HBO, Time inc.,News Corporation)

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english: This is the american HBO brand logo. ...

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The Israeli Export Institute, New Media Branch, is organizing a delegation to News Corp and Time Warner. Israeli companies participating in the delegation will meet decision makers in these leading media companies. Key technologies of interest include Internet TV, innovative user interfaces,  multi platform solutions and location based services.

The good news is that it is an affordable business development event. The bad news is that last application date is TOMORROW.

More details here.

Social Media, Digital Marketing and Non Profits

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Maabara, 1950

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On the 28th of February I had the honor to participate in one of the most important events I’ve ever been a part of – The Future of Non-Profit.
The event, created and managed by Shoshanna Jaskoll and Dave Weinberg from Causil, explored the challenges of non-profits in the 21st century, from business models, to organization, to fund raising, to marketing.
I was heading a panel about Social media and its value to non profits. It followed an excellent presentation by Miriam Schwab about site design and online presence for non profits as well.
The panel was based on a great team of pros – Florence Broder, Social Media Manager, Jewish Agency For Israel, Hadassah Levy from Jewish Ideas Daily, and Dvir Reznik, blogger and marketing manager of an interesting startup called Onavo (if you are traveling a lot, you should check their site).
We discussed the pros and cons of social media marketing for non profits. Florence gave examples of how her involvement in social media helped recently immigrated jews coming to ISreal and facing beuracrqacy challenges. Hadassah talked about social media as traffic source for media sites. And Dvir discussed the value that bloggers and Twitter provide for companies and organizations with limited budget.
Things got interesting when a member of the audience, asked the million dollar question – why should an organization invest in social media, with no clear ROI. More

Exploring the Future of Video Communication

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Next week, as part of IMTC’s Annual Meeting,  I am moderating a panel with the leaders of Telepresence and video communication market worldwide, including Cisco, Avaya, LifeSize Communication, Polycom, Radvision and more. Also, we will host standards organizations that lead the way in making video communication ubiquitous – IMTC (event hosts), UCIF and SIP Forum.
You can join the event via phone and video conferencing – all the details here. The event takes place on Wednesday, November 3, from 10:00 – 13:00 PST (Pacific).
If the future of video communication important for you – join us.

World wonders at Cisco Borderless Challenge

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Here at Pravda Media we love online or “Virtual” events, we produced two of those with the Israeli iPhone launch and the IMTC 2025 conference.
Virtual presence is a popular digital trend that became even more popular due to the latest financial crisis and high flight costs – It shows great ROI if done properly and it helps achving thought leadership status.

Cisco is a Major player in that regard, practicing what they preach – They do multiple virtual events productions, powered by their Telepresence systems.
On October 5th Cisco will launch new solutions in the “Borderless Network” and Data Center/Virtualization fields, in a special virtual event and a very special challenge – The Cisco 3D Borderless challenge will start with a 3D movie, and than an online challenge in which two winners can win a vacation to amazing places such as the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

Be sure to register in time in order to get the 3D Glasses, Good luck!

Last Chance to be in Think Next 2010

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I’ve written about this event here – and you should be there. I know I will. And because I’d like to see you, here are some last minute codes for free exclusive invitation:
Each code is limited for 1o invitations only, and some of them were already used – so time is NOT on your side.
See you there.

Come to ThinkNext2010 (with Promo Codes)

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Image representing Craig Mundie as depicted in...
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Yes, I know, I am an Apple fan promoting a Microsoft‘s event, but this one is different…
Last year, Think Next was an awesome event – covering innovation, startups and keynote from thought leaders. This year the Microsoft guys are planning an even more exciting event, with Craig Mundie as a keynote speaker (Chief strategy and research officer of Microsoft), Moshe Lichtman (President of Microsoft’s Israel R&D Center and a great speaker), a DemoFest AND – Yes, Natal.
So here is the thing – it is a closed event but a little bird gave me several invite codes. Each code could provide 10 invitations.
After 20 RTs of this post – I will publish a code on this blog.
In the weeks leading to the event I will publish additional codes on my Twitter and Facebook profile.
ThinkNext will take place in Tel Aviv Port, Hanger 11, on April 14th.

Open Invitation

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2025- an invitation from Kfir Pravda on Vimeo.

2025 is a free vitrual conference about the future of your living room and cubicle.

For more info check

(Shot on 7D)

We Are Hiring!

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You have a strong passion for media, marketing, and getting others excited. You are a hard working self starter and motivated individual, who get things done. You solve problems, and are considered an out of the box and creative thinker.

You are tech savvy and a social media enthusiast with REAL followers on twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. You speak Hebrew and English fluently.
And you love all things beautiful, and appreciate the importance of visual elements in everything we do.

It would be also great if you have project or account management experience, B2B or B2C marketing know how, you love all things Mac, have video editing, directing or shooting experience and you are an active blogger

We are a B2B/B2C digital agency, with publicly traded international customers, that is expanding its operation. We believe that the relations between brands, companies and customers are changing fundamentally, and there is a need for a new breed of marketeers that understand different platforms, know how to integrate them, and how to create value to for customers and brands/companies alike. We also believe that there are new ways to communicate with customers, that doesn’t necessarily require buying expensive media.

If we work together, you will create and execute multi-platform digital and real life activities that challenge traditional advertising and PR industry.

If you’d like to apply – send us your CV. It can be video, images, or plain old paper. You can find us at Jobs AT or on Facebook (Kfir Pravda)

Open Call – Technology and Platforms For Virtual Events

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My social network
Image by luc legay via Flickr

IMTC Forum, meeting place for experts in video communication and collaboration, is doing this year a virtual conference, as a part of its years long commitment to bring the best thought leaders and technology experts together.  The event, called 2025, Technology, Standards, Work, Life, will discuss the ways video technology and collaboration will change the way we work an live in the year 2025. We expect thought leaders from different industries to share their views on these amazing topic and help us all retool our business and life for the future.

We also decided to do our whole planning process as transparent as possible, empowering the community by sharing our thoughts , decisions, vendors that we’ve reviewed and  lessons we’ve learned.

But, as always, we need the technology to support this event. This is what we are looking for:

  1. Ability to have up to 4 video streams (moderator + 3 speakers), with minimum video requirement of a webcam
  2. Ability to show slides per presenter
  3. Ability to mix video feeds  (meaning, one video player only, but the feed is switched between speakers’ feeds)
  4. Authenticated Chat section per session (including Facebook connect and Twitter API)
  5. Display Official and hash tag Twitter stream in the sidebar
  6. Ability to record all sessions and chats for re-runs and VOD access
  7. Simple to use registration page for participants

Are we missing anything? Let us know. Also, we don’t necessarily need one product with all features – mesh-ups are acceptable.

As a non profit organization we have a shoestring budget – but the event will expose technologies to the right audience – and what is better than seeing a technology in action?

Beyond these requirements, we will ask each vendor to write a short post about the value of virtual events, the way that technology is changing business, and their view on the needs of the industry. We will add our own commentary on each post, as well as write about our decision making process regarding this solution.

Interested? Email us at kfir AT pravdam DOT com with 2025 in the subject line.
Please send us your proposals by September 15th.