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The secret to understanding your clients is through content marketing. It helps build client trust, generate leads and brand loyalty. When we build a marketing funnel content ranks with high priority and it is what moves customers along their journey; which, we can measure results through engagement rates, video watch, ebook downloads, blog post reads and shares, and much, much more. Content has become the new “normal” route from the consumer side evolving them from viewers to generated revenue. 

At our recent B2B Talks 11 event, we held a panel discussion that focuses on arising challenges and solutions that companies face with the B2B buying experience. The topic of content marketing was one that kept arising and the insight was very interesting. The invited panelists were Sharon Rosenman, VP of Marketing from Cyberbit, Jade Kahn, VP of Marketing from Sysaid and Alon Maimoni, Head of Product – Cloud Central from NetApp, who shared their experiences and solutions. 

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