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New Media Roadshow to NY – Last Chance to Apply (HBO, Time inc.,News Corporation)

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english: This is the american HBO brand logo. ...

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The Israeli Export Institute, New Media Branch, is organizing a delegation to News Corp and Time Warner. Israeli companies participating in the delegation will meet decision makers in these leading media companies. Key technologies of interest include Internet TV, innovative user interfaces,  multi platform solutions and location based services.

The good news is that it is an affordable business development event. The bad news is that last application date is TOMORROW.

More details here.

Social Media, Digital Marketing and Non Profits

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Maabara, 1950

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On the 28th of February I had the honor to participate in one of the most important events I’ve ever been a part of – The Future of Non-Profit.
The event, created and managed by Shoshanna Jaskoll and Dave Weinberg from Causil, explored the challenges of non-profits in the 21st century, from business models, to organization, to fund raising, to marketing.
I was heading a panel about Social media and its value to non profits. It followed an excellent presentation by Miriam Schwab about site design and online presence for non profits as well.
The panel was based on a great team of pros – Florence Broder, Social Media Manager, Jewish Agency For Israel, Hadassah Levy from Jewish Ideas Daily, and Dvir Reznik, blogger and marketing manager of an interesting startup called Onavo (if you are traveling a lot, you should check their site).
We discussed the pros and cons of social media marketing for non profits. Florence gave examples of how her involvement in social media helped recently immigrated jews coming to ISreal and facing beuracrqacy challenges. Hadassah talked about social media as traffic source for media sites. And Dvir discussed the value that bloggers and Twitter provide for companies and organizations with limited budget.
Things got interesting when a member of the audience, asked the million dollar question – why should an organization invest in social media, with no clear ROI. More

Atavist and the New Content Ecosystem

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Couple of days ago I ran across Atavist, a simple and well designed iPad app. This application is simple. You download it for free, but every story you’d like to read costs ~$3. What you get for your hard earned cash is an  in depth article, 12,000 words length, with additional multimedia content. All storied are non fiction, and based on long and in depth research. The writers are well known journalists, writing for Wired and The New Yorker.
As an avid fan of crime films, I bought the story of a famous bank heist in Sweden. The long and detailed story included videos from the heist itself, photographs of the suspects, maps of the event, timeline and more.

I am intrigued by the business model of this publication. Selling individual articles was a model that was discussed in the past. I didn’t believe in it, but the fact that I bought the story, read it from beginning to end, and would gladly pay again for interesting articles, makes me wonder if this model is more viable than I’ve expected. Is this another glimpse on the future of publishing? I am not certain yet. But in the mean time, go, download the app and judge it yourself.

iPad and the (Bleak) Future of Publishing

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eMediaVitals, website geared toward publishers going digital, and FIPP digital content partner,  invited me to write a column about digital media, platforms and business models.
The first article describes  why Jobs is not the knight in a shining armor for publishers, and why technology is not the answer to the challenges the industry is facing.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

You can find it here.

Digital Innovation – Better Left Unsaid

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This is a post by a dear friend Kathryn Johns, describing her Kickstart funded project. Tons of innovative elements here.

This past friday my partners and I open a revolutionary, live theatrical event. Better Left Unsaid TV is the first of its kind, interactive live streamed video/play. Staged in New York City, Better Left Unsaid will be shot with multiple cameras, mixed in real time via a NewTek Tricaster XD850 and streamed live to a global audience. We are not an established company, we are not famous or powerful or rich or connected. We are however, living in the Age of Yes.

For an independent artist, this is an unprecedented time in terms of an individuals ability to green light their own creative projects, and to have their work seen, not by the hundreds but by the hundreds of thousands.

There are two factors that have changed the scope of what an independent artist can create. The first is the ever growing accessibility of technology that allow us to shoot, edit and distribute our own work for a minimum of cost. The other is the unlimited community that we can foster to support our work. Gone are the days of postcards and prayers‚ this is the era of Twitter and Facebook.

One of social media’s greatest gifts is its ability to introduce us to people and events that we would never before have encountered. More

What Makes Quora Such an Amazing Product

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Steve Case, founder of AOL at Kinnernet in Isr...
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The recently launched Quora grabbed my attention as soon as I started using it. I find myself spending more and more time on this question and answers site and it seems that I am not alone.

What makes it so awesome?
1. Authority – I am still amazed with the depth of the answers on the site. Let me give you an example – a question was asked about  the causes  failure of AOL Time Warner merger. While on Facebook and Twitter such a question would be answered by many, but not the most knowledgeable, on Quora, Steve Case (AOL chief at the time) himself gave his point of view on the matter. When a person asked how did Amazon decide to enter the cloud computing market, Amazon’s CTO answered him directly. What else could you ask for? In a sense, the fact that content is edited and removed if not informative enough, makes this platform so great.
2. Content discovery – Quora is all about topics and people. You can follow a topic or person over time and continuously learn more. This is just awesome. I follow the topics I am interested in, and people I value their opinion and knowledge.
3. Ease of use – first time you use it, you already know how to find relevant questions, as well as post your own.
4. Diversity – whenever I login, I find a question about SEO techniques, followed by a philosophical question about the meaning of life. As a guy who loves to read random Wikipedia articles, this site is a great way to learn about topics in the world around us that normally we don’t stop to think about. This thread is a great example.

I love Quora – it’s a key part of my online toolbox. If you didn’t try it yet – I highly recommend you do.

What Could Marketers Learn from Little Red Riding Hood

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As a digital agency (with at least one frustrated film maker on the team) we are big believers in stories.
Often we are asked by our customers why should they actually tell stories. If they have good product and strong brand who cares abut the rest. Well, I wish things were so simple. With Facebook, twitter, and consumers’ complete control on the content they consume, brands are facing a new challenge – getting the attention of their audience. This can be done by giving outrageously expensive perks in competitions and such. But that is a short term solution, that can be easily copied. Other brands can have the same, if not more money than you have and give bigger prizes. Furthermore, the value of such activities happens only when the competition is taking place. When it ends, people quickly forget the brand.
We believe that stories are the key for long term digital initiatives that capture the imagination and excitement of the people around us.
You see, good stories are infectious. Good stories are remembered for years. Stories were here before us and will stay after we are gone.
We have tons of data to support it. Simply put – look around you. How many of the people around you remember the story of red riding hood? And how many remember one of the most creative campaigns worldwide – the ARG around “Dark Knight” premiere?
So what’s your story?

Email Marketing + Social Web = Bliss

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Take a look at this diagram:

North American marketers see major improvements when integrating email marketing and social media efforts. This is another proof that the power of digital marketing lies in channel integration, and not in short term campaigns. As social web marketing requires an ongoing nurturing of branded online assets (brand’s Facebook page, Twitter account, on so on), the biggest advantages are for those who combine different channels to utilize these assets.
This information also sheds light on the expected announcement of Facebook Mail today. My friend Yaniv Golan have some interesting thoughts about this move.

In a world were marketing ROI becomes critical for brands success, the combination of strong branding tools with direct marketing tools provide major advantages to the ones who use them well.

Exploring the Future of Video Communication

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Next week, as part of IMTC’s Annual Meeting,  I am moderating a panel with the leaders of Telepresence and video communication market worldwide, including Cisco, Avaya, LifeSize Communication, Polycom, Radvision and more. Also, we will host standards organizations that lead the way in making video communication ubiquitous – IMTC (event hosts), UCIF and SIP Forum.
You can join the event via phone and video conferencing – all the details here. The event takes place on Wednesday, November 3, from 10:00 – 13:00 PST (Pacific).
If the future of video communication important for you – join us.

World wonders at Cisco Borderless Challenge

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Here at Pravda Media we love online or “Virtual” events, we produced two of those with the Israeli iPhone launch and the IMTC 2025 conference.
Virtual presence is a popular digital trend that became even more popular due to the latest financial crisis and high flight costs – It shows great ROI if done properly and it helps achving thought leadership status.

Cisco is a Major player in that regard, practicing what they preach – They do multiple virtual events productions, powered by their Telepresence systems.
On October 5th Cisco will launch new solutions in the “Borderless Network” and Data Center/Virtualization fields, in a special virtual event and a very special challenge – The Cisco 3D Borderless challenge will start with a 3D movie, and than an online challenge in which two winners can win a vacation to amazing places such as the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

Be sure to register in time in order to get the 3D Glasses, Good luck!