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Imagine a world in which it makes no difference how tall you are; what you look like. Imagine a world that doesn’t judge you according to who your parents are; what your education is; what your achievements have been. Imagine a social universe that rates you purely according to one criterion: do you have anything interesting to say?

Well, do you?

Stripped of our looks, of TV’s makeup artists, of screenwriters’ sharp verbal edge, are you still someone worth my time listening to? Am I?

While admittedly still hosting to old fashioned fan attributes of following landmark figures (such as Britney Spears and Barack Obama,) Twitter has become a very unforgiving platform. In a way, it is a harsh, brutally honest space. In this space, the reciprocal attachment that you have come to accept and expect in every other communication platform- no longer exists: In IMS services approving a contact will result in both sides appearing on each other’s contact lists (unless later blocked.) On Facebook, accepting a friend request joins both parties in a mutual connection of sharing. This is not the case on Twitter. More →