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The Good Old Days

In the past, marketing was based on amazing creative ideas, delivered via mass media channels to a captured audience.

The Don Drapers of the world would come up with amazing creative concepts on how to position products and services. These ideas were then pushed through mass media channels, such as TV and newspapers, to us – the consumers. We had no choice. TV shows were interrupted by commercials showing the benefits of smoking. Newspapers were filled with ads trying to convince us that if we buy that car we will also become attractive enough to win over the beautiful woman that is lying on it in a seductive pose. So basically, after they came up with a cool idea, admen could relax and have a drink.

Winter is Coming

Then the Internet happened. And then social networks happened.

Suddenly we have choice. Real choice. We can decide if we watch TV or tweet. We choose when to watch TV shows, on what device, and we are certainly not that keen on watching the ad the cool guys thought about.

So if CMOs want to get my attention, they need to really know me, and talk with me about the things I care about, using the channels I like to use, at the most relevant time.

Rise of the Geeks

In order to do that, CMOs need:

1. Tons of data about me.

2. The ability to analyze this data, and gain insights about what and how to offer me the right thing in the right time.

3. The ability to communicate with the masses in a personalized way – hence, automate the response to these actionable insights.

That’s when technology, implemented with a strategic goal in mind, plays a crucial role. Without big data analytics, marketing automation, and deep CRM data, CMOs just can’t do that.

From smoke-filled, posh Madison Avenue offices, the power shifts to garages with unshaven computer geeks.

Bottom Line

CMOs can’t afford not to transition to personalized, data driven marketing. They can do that by hiring the right geeks for their teams – and listening to them.

It’s not too late. Now is the time to start.