Which Marketing Technology Will You Invest In?

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In today’s marketing ecosystems there is an abundance of technologies and tools to help with everyday tasks – the problem is to know which ones are worth the investment. Luckily, our #B2BTalks panel tackles that very question. More

Which Channels Will You Invest In?

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Planning your company’s marketing strategy for the upcoming year can be challenging, to say the least. There are so many factors to consider; among them is the question of how much to invest in digital efforts versus physical events. Luckily we have a panel of marketeers ready to share their opinions on the topic. More

Is Awareness Still Relevant for B2B Marketers?

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The situation for marketers has changed. No longer can we rely on having a booth at events to make a splash and have a presence in order to bring in new customers. Today, we must bring marketing qualified leads to sales. If today marketers are seen as an extension of sales, then is awareness still relevant for B2B marketers? More

Content Israel 2016 Recap

Content Israel 2016 Recap
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This year, four members of our PMG staff attended Content Israel 2016 in Yaffo. The list of speakers included CEOs, CMOs, Tech Bloggers, and Marketing and Content experts from all types of organizations. We learned a lot from hearing the insights of so many industry leaders, from future trends, unique ways to use data analytics, and ways to connect with your audience. After the event, each of us wrote a brief summary on something we found particularly interesting in the conference. Check out some great tips and insights: More

3 Demand Generation Ingredients Your Company Can’t Afford to Miss

3 Demand Generation Ingredients Your Company Can’t Afford to Miss
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Everyone is talking about demand generation.

Every CEO wants his or her marketing managers to be experts in it.

Well, the way we see it, demand generation is not just a skill, it’s an approach.

It is understanding that today, on average in a B2B complex sales process, 17.6 touch points are required to close a deal.

It is understanding the need to close the gap between marketing and sales.

It is knowing that demand generation is a consistent and holistic effort put into every marketing plan you have.

Check out these three fundamental elements that help build a demand generation approach your company cannot afford to miss out on.

Optimize Your Content

We want to see traffic on our site. We want it to be high quality. Targeted. And of course, we want it to convert leads. This is what we want. But how do we do that?

Optimize your content to not only get people on your page, but to keep them there. With a content strategy, you can use blogs, social media and landing pages to target specific personas and convert leads. By taking into account the marketing funnel, your readers’ journeys, and different touch points, you can use content as a way to direct your audience to the right places. To get a wider reach into your target audience, implement an inbound strategy, creating connections with influencers and having them mention you in their blogs and social content. More

From Boring to Brilliant – Innovation in B2B Marketing

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Innovation in B2B Marketing

Over the past few years, marketing technology has been dominating the conversation – from big data to marketing automation. And while marketing technology continues to play a huge role as marketers are using more tools to fine-tune data-driven activities and show results, we’re starting to see a shift in the conversation.

According to a B2B Marketing International survey, 72% of U.S. companies see innovation as one of their top 5 current business challenges, but still plan on putting 56% of their marketing efforts into branding/marketing communications. So how can you keep your marketing team on the cutting edge of innovation?

At #B2BTalks on November 8, Rafi Kretchmer, VP Marketing at Panaya; Tomer Zuker, Security & Systems Marketing Manager at IBM; and David Geffen, Marketing Director, Back Office Solutions at NICE will share how they are running innovative B2B marketing campaigns or initiatives that boost business results. Join us to get inspired and learn how to take your marketing programs to the next level in 2017.

In addition, Inbal Arieli, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Start-Up Nation Central, will discuss how today’s kids are raised to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, and what it is about Israel that breeds innovation and entrepreneurship.

Register to receive a free beer and join us Tuesday, November 8, 6pm at Zoifer – Raoul Wallenberg 24. Networking and refreshments at 6pm, panel starts at 7pm.

#B2BTalks – Call for Speakers

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B2B doesn’t have to mean boring-to-boring

We are gearing up for our next #B2BTalks event on November 8, and we want to hear from you. We want to be inspired, and that’s why we’re looking for speakers who have worked on an innovative B2B marketing campaign, or an initiative that significantly improved workflow, to share their work with us. More

The State of Marketers

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In part 1 of #B2BTalks 8, Planning your Annual Marketing Strategy, Nancy Shapira, Business Development Manager for Gartner Israel, discussed some of the results from a Gartner Report regarding the state of marketers going into 2016. The report focused on North American and UK-based businesses with a yearly revenue of at least $500 million. More

Tips from eBay, Alooma and Pravda Media Group: How to Turn Your Organization to a Data Driven Powerhouse

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data-natives-panelCreating data driven organizations is tough. It is not only about technology, dashboards and budgets. It’s about changing the way people work and make decisions, and convincing management to invest in it.

At this year’s Data Natives conference in Tel Aviv, I shared the stage with Omer Kehat, who is leading the Structured Data Analytics Group in eBay, and Dan-ya Shwartz, Data Scientist and Growth Expert at Alooma, discussing this challenge and ways to overcome it. More

Shana Tova!

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The new year is a time for reflection and looking towards the future. We hope the past year brought you growth personally and professionally, and want to wish you clarity in setting goals for the year to come. Shana tova!